Regulation of mRNA translation by miRNA, proteostasis, or epigenetics and its role in learning and memory and synaptic plasticity in normal and abnormal brain function

Dec. 10th-12th, 2018


The meeting will be held at the Golden Crown Hotel

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Map – Golden Crown Hotel (in the link, scroll down to bottom of page to view larger map), Derech Yaffo 115, Haifa

Letter of invitation:

Participants may obtain a formal letter of invitation upon request (for visa purposes or others) following completion of registration. The letter will be sent as a PDF document via email.


Prof. Kobi Rosenblum (University of Haifa, Israel)

Dr. Shunit Ben-Ari

Dr. Alina Elkobi


Dr. Shunit Ben-Ari (University of Haifa, Israel)


Dr. Alina Elkobi


Useful information:

Travelling from the Ben Gurion airport to Haifa:

1) by train:

from: Ben Gurion Airport

to: Haifa Hof Hakarmel (Raziel) or Haifa Center – HaShmona. Haifa Center – HaShmona is closer (~1km), but not all trains stop here. Please check the train website for the best itinerary.

Train time table can be found on the train website as explained above. The train is the cheapest means of transportation (39.5 NIS), usually on time.

The train station is located on Level S of the Landside Building, adjacent to the Greeters’ Hall. 

from Hof Hakarmel train station to the Golden Crown Hotel: 20 minute drive by “taxi special”, the taxi station is on the “sea side” of the train station (the other side of the train station faces the mountain and the central bus station).

Important: the train does not operate between Friday (last train on 14:08) and Saturday night (first train on 19:31).  

2) by taxi: (this is the only means of transportation from Friday afternoon to Saturday night)

The Taxi  Stations and dispatcher’s counter  at Terminal 3 are located on Level G of the Multi Level Road.

Important: No credit cards accepted on taxis. Cash only.

Train tickets should be purchased before boarding the train. Credit cards accepted.

Weather: 10-18˚C

Parking arrangement

Meeting participants are entitled to 50% off for parking at the City Center Mall parking lot. Get the parking ticket from the parking lot stamped at the hotel reception. Payment is by the participant upon exiting the parking lot. Say that you are guests of the U Haifa meeting.