Principal Investigator

Prof. Kobi Rosenblum

Head of lab
Tel: 04-8288421.

I am interested in understanding brain and cognitive function in normal and disease states. I hope that better understanding of the normal brain function will enable us to find new ways to fight brain diseases that affect our behaviour and personality. 

Research Associates and Managers

Dr. Alina Elkobi

Lab manager

Dr. Efrat Edry

Manager of the Center for Gene Manipulation in the Brain
Eshkol Fellowship laureate

Research associate

Nathaniel Gould

Email: <br>
The Role of the QR2 Pathway in Memory Formation, Age Related Oxidative Stress and Cognitive Decline

Ph.D. Students

Neta Sa'ar
eEF2K/eEF2 Pathway Controlling Adult Hippocampal Neurogenesis in the Mature and Aged Dentate Gyrus

Gila Scherer
"Investigating the Role of QR2 in Neuroinflammation and Neurodegenerative Diseases

Federica Cruciani Identifying the role of eIF2a pathway in normal and pathological brain states

Randa Salalha

Bar Izkovich
Cell specific expression of small inhibitory peptides using viral vectors

Haneen Kayal
Identification and characterization of neuronal circuitry underlying taste learning in the insular cortex

Sailendrakumar Kolatt Chandran
"Synaptic and Intrinsic Mechanisms of Insular Cortical Neurons Underlying Taste Memory Retrieval"

M.Sc. Students

Mohammad Khmaisy


Neta Hazut


Gaia Auerbach